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Ferdi van Zyl and Family

Trophies Africa is a family owned safari outfit that provides the best in personalized, top quality safaris. Out hunting areas are big and well managed to provide the hunter with only the best Africa has to offer. We manage government as well as private concessions of many thousands of acres with conservation set as our main goal.

Our professional hunters have many years experience in both rifle and bow hunting, and are the best this country has to offer. We will ensure that you feel welcome and in good hands at all times. We are members of the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa and follow their code of conduct which states the following:

We hunters will adhere to the following principles and obey all the laws of the land.

  • Will not misrepresent ourselves to clients and in any way mislead clients.
  • Will not allow material gain to supercede principles of fair chase.
  • Will not hunt any wild animals which are not in its natural state.
  • Will at all times employ humane hunting practices.
  • Will not hunt female animals with dependent offspring.
  • Will not allow a client to shoot an animal at a distance beyond the capacity of competence of the client's equipment.
  • Will respect local communities property and input.