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Having hunted on 4 continents with great guides and ph's, I am pulled back to the dark continent every year for 9 years, Ferdi van Zyl and his staff are one of the finest hunting companies in the world. I have had the honour of becoming friends with him and his beautiful family and I cherish each moment I am there, the animals most always will make the record book and the accommodation is great, the food is superb. Ferdi is a hard working, honest, humble man who without question will go the extra mile for anyone to make their hunt an experience of a lifetime and it truly is...

Skip Weller | skip@partsbyweller.com

I have gone on many guided hunts, I recently got back from my first African safari. Trophies Africa was my outfitter. It would be an understatement to say they were top notch, they actually raised the bar for all other hunts to come. Once I chose the game I wanted to hunt, they took me to areas where top quality trophies could be found. I was successful getting all six of the animals I was hunting, all trophies. Just as important as the hunt the food and accommodation were first-class. Ferdi is a great PH and a fun person to be around. I am definitely planning my next trip to Africa and there is no question it will be booked with Trophies Africa. Truly a trip of a lifetime!!!

Tim Jones | 616-754-0055

Before we knew it we had signed up for our first African safari, allowing Ferdi to make all the arrangements for us including transportation to Africa. A two week plains game safari was now ours to dream about for the next few months. On arrival my wife and I put Ferdi to just about every test. He and his wife, Wendy have continuously kept us far more than well fed, gloriously entertained with side-trips, fishing and guest appearances from native dancers. Transportation has always been comfortable and the equipment first class. We had a great hunt. Those who work in his company are as dedicated as anyone I have ever seen and very skillful in their positions. Ferdi van Zyl appears and sounds like the consummate PH, but most importantly performs the part as well. Should you wish to hunt public land, high fence, low fence or no fence his lifetime of experience founded in generations of hunting in his family will lead you to the safari of your dreams. I have been back for a successful big game hunt and see no reason to use any other safari company in Africa, as they have the capacity to go to several African countries.

Greg Robbins | 5rfarmc@sbcglobal.net


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