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Game Specific to Zimbabwe

Most of our dangerous game (Big 5) hunting is done in Zimbabwe where Cape Buffalo and Elephants are numerous and offer the hunter the thrill of a lifetime. Plains game, Crocodile or Hippo can be added to round out your Safari. Our camp is located about 250 kilometers south of Victoria Falls which provides a great pre/post Safari side trip.

The day begins riding in the land cruiser until fresh tracks are found. The hunters then try to sneak up to the herd and locate an older bull. Since herd size can range from a few to 50 animals, this is never an easy task and frequently the freckle wind shifts and your scent spooks the herd and the process starts all over again. Diligence and patience is usually rewarded with a nice trophy animal and a satisfied hunter who owns a deeper respect for the animals and the rigors of hunting them.

Dangerous Game in Zimbabwe

Cape Buffalo 7 days for $13,400

Elephant 12 days for $34,000

Add a Crocodile for $4,000 or Hippo for $4,500