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General Information

Trophies Africa is a well respected safari outfitter and has successfully catered to over 600 hunters from all over the world. Our list of returning hunters and positive testimonials gets longer every year. We pride ourselves on not only providing quality animals to hunt, but also in providing complete African experience.

Trophies Africa hunts in Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa. We employ only the best professional hunters, trackers and skinners, and all our staff are professional and highly trained. We adhere to safe hunting practices and conservation is of great importance to us. We also have great respect for the communities native to the hunting concessions that we operate and constantly strive to have a positive influence in their lives.

Trophies Africa manages many thousands of acres of land occupied by an abundance of big game and plains game.

If we cannot do it, it cannot be done. Experience the variety that only Africa can offer.

The hunt of a lifetime!


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