Your Safari

About Your Safari:

Trophies Africa is a member of the Professional Hunters Association of South AfricaSafari Club International, and are Official Measurers of Trophies for the Record Book.

No Refunds of Deposits:

Flights may be arranged through our booking agent or privately. A list of animals that you would like to hunt is required at least one month prior to arrival.

Booking Your Safari (Airlines booking from your city to either VFA or ORTIA):

A safari can be booked year round with the Safari taking place between March through October. 

Host/Owner, Ferdi or a  representative, will pick you up at the airport in Johannesburg. 

See the commonly asked questions PDF.

A safari can be booked directly through Trophies Africa by phone or e-mail. Alternatively, bookings can be made using one of our booking agents.


 A deposit of fifty percent of your daily rates are required to confirm dates. The changing of dates will be accommodated if it is at all possible, in case of emergency.


Transportation will be awaiting you on arrival in the country, from where you will be taken to the hunting areas. The safari package includes all transportation, except specially requested air charters. All hunting vehicles are fully equipped for your hunting needs.

Rifles and Ammunition:

Calibers preferably no smaller then .30 calliber for small to medium game and minimum 375 H&H for big game are required. Hunting will commence after all rifles have been sighted in after it’s long journey. Any trophy bonded bullets over 165 grains are suited for plains game. Please contact us if you are unsure which ammunition to bring.


Laundry will be done daily. Various areas with different altitudes and climates are hunted, and both extremes of temperatures may be experienced. The following list of clothing is recommended:

  • Two pairs of comfortable hunting trousers
  • One warm coat or jacket
  • Two short-sleeved shirts
  • One pair of well walked-in boots
  • Two long-sleeved shirts
  • Light rain gear
  • Thick comfortable socks and short pants for very hot days and traveling

Routine in Hunting Areas:

After morning coffee hunting will commence as soon as visibility allows it. Brunch is served at eleven. Hunting will carry on until an hour before last light. Dinner is served in the evening.


All trophies have to be prepared by a South African taxidermist, of your choice, before shipment. It is the client’s decision where he/she would like to have his/her trophies mounted (RSA or elsewhere).

We do however use a reputable taxidermist.