Rifle Hunting

For the Hunter

South Africa offers a diverse range of landscapes ranging from verdant sub-tropical sand forests to arid semi-desert scapes.

Trophies Africa also hunts game ranches and government concessions. Although game ranches are fenced there are tens of thousands of acres in which to hunt big game animals in their natural environment. 


No put and take hunting is conducted.


View our map on page 2 of our brochure for more information regarding species available for hunting in each area of Southern Africa.

Extraordinary Experiences

The typical day will begin before sunrise with a hearty breakfast and a few practice shots to sharpen the eye before departing to the hide.

The hunting will be divided into a morning and evening secession with a return to the lodge for a midday meal and a relaxation period.

Dinner will start the evening ritual ending with hunters gathering around a traditional bonfire to recount the days adventures.


Solid and soft nose bullets can be used for dangerous game. Distances vary from 75 to 350 yards, dependant on the hunters’ ability.

Calibers preferably no smaller then .30 calliber for small to medium game and minimum 375 H&H for big game are required. Hunting will commence after all rifles have been sighted in after it’s long journey. Any trophy bonded bullets over 165 grains are suited for plains game.


 Please contact us if you are unsure which ammunition to bring.